Collapsing Together

Released: August 25, 2017

"The new album mixes dreamy soundscapes with intricately layered instrumentals to produce distinct moods and beautiful flourishes."    – GroundSounds

"A worthy successor to last year's debut album, Past Life, Collapsing Together has Noble Oak finding the sweet spot between sadness and beauty, between vulnerable and direct."    – Earmilk

Distance Gone (single)

Released: August 10, 2017

"It's a track that reaches the five and a half minute mark but feels nearly half that. Draped in 80's melancholy, ‘Distance Gone’ is a wondrous track despite its downcast mood, and one that proves that once you think Fiore has hit his musical peak, he keeps climbing higher."   – Earmilk

"Contemplative synth married with a glorious old school guitar riff and probing percussion. Patrick Fiore's delicate falsetto floats over the lush instrumentation, making "Distance Gone" another top notch release from the multi-instrumentalist that's certainly worth your time."   – Indie Shuffle

Out There (single)

Released: July 11, 2017

"Whether you take it in as a sunshine-drenched pop gem, a break-up anthem, or 80’s nostalgia to tide you over until the new season of Stranger Things, a new Noble Oak track is cause for celebration...Unabashedly tender and ballad-esque, ‘Out There’ underpins its shimmering piano melodies with massive drums and the sexiest soprano sax this side of ‘Baker Street."   – The Burning Ear

"Out There’, the artist’s latest tasting of his new album, is near faultless atmospheric indie music. It’s daring and beautiful—striking a marvellous balance of ingenuity and nostalgia. ‘Collapsing Together’, released this August, is going to be nothing short of special."   – AAA Backstage

Something More (single)

Released: May 16, 2017

"Something More’ sees Noble Oak pivoting from bedroom electronica to elegant dream pop, this time laying vocals over what might be our favorite track of his yet."   – All Things Go

"A dreamy run-into-the-sunset type of track with all the right feels to induce chills for days…not to mention some killer motivation to make shit happen!"   – The Daily Listening


After receiving a Rhodes from a friend who no longer had space for it, Vancouver-born Patrick Fiore knew it was time to finally make something happen. Having studied piano since age 7, Fiore amassed some 10 years of writing solo piano and symphonic compositions and began to really write music with a computer for the first time, at 19. And a lot of reverb. Thus the musical expedition of Noble Oak began.

Fast forward to now, Patrick's music has evolved to create immersive and captivating songs that are equally as passionate when instrumental as they are when layered with his ethereal tenor. Spanning a range of tempos and beat styles, this is music to love to, with a story packed into every song and melodies that lift you into the air.

Noble Oak has been globally recognized in dance, urban and indie online outlets including Stereogum, Thump, DIY, Indie Shuffle, Yours Truly and CLASH Magazine, with radio support from BBC Radio 1's Phil Taggart and Rob da Bank.

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